Kjell Berglund

Special interests – passion och drive

Kjell prefers to work long-term with organisations, meaning he likes to work operatively in different project roles to accomplish and ensure effects and results. He is happy to contribute with customized support efforts and designs that provide concrete results in organisations on an organisational, group, and individual level. Kjell thrives in environments with big challenges and much uncertainty.

Kjell prefers to work with you as an individual (project manager and leader) and on group development in his role as a mentor and coach. He has been an active mentor and coach since 2006.

Kjell is an appreciated facilitator/trainer for management groups where he creates a clear direction and clear conditions for the organisation’s work in improvement.


At Wenell, Kjell works as a consultant with qualified guidance to managers and project intense operations. At the same time, he also leads courses for project managers, employees, sponsors, and management teams. He works together with international organisations with support and development of their project operation to strengthen competitiveness in a globalised world. Kjell helps create strategies and direction in organisations that lack it.


Kjell has 15 years of experience in project management, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry but also from the engineering industry. He has led global pharmaceutical projects in R & D, production, and market. He has broad experience from different kinds of projects, mainly from product and process development for investment projects and decommissioning projects.

Kjell has worked in factory management, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of programs and projects aiming to improve a pharmaceutical factory, where tools like Sex Sigma and Lean Manufacturing were important success factors.

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