Kjell Berglund

Special interests

  • Kjell prefers working with businesses “over” time, meaning he works operationally in various project roles to achieve and ensure effects and results. He gladly contributes with tailored support interventions and approaches that yield tangible effects in organizations at both organizational, group, and individual levels. Kjell thrives in environments nationally and internationally where there are significant challenges and uncertainties.
  • Kjell has also worked as an acting operational project manager to create progress and deliveries in businesses where complexity and challenges have been high. He has executed projects according to both traditional and agile methods and principles.
  • Kjell enjoys working with you as an individual (project manager and leader) and with group development in his role as a mentor and coach. He has been active as a mentor and coach since 2006.
  • Kjell is highly valued as a facilitator/trainer for management teams to establish a clear direction and conditions for the organization’s improvement work. These trainings are conducted both online and in person.


Kjell works as a consultant at Wenell, providing qualified advice to leaders and project-intensive businesses while also serving as a leader in training for project managers, employees, clients, and management teams. He works with international organizations to support and develop their project activities to enhance competitiveness in a globalized world. Kjell contributes to creating strategies and direction in organizations where this is unclear.


Kjell has 15 years of experience in project management, primarily within the pharmaceutical industry but also from the manufacturing industry. He has led global pharmaceutical projects within R&D, production, and marketing. He has broad experience in various types of projects, especially from product and process development to investment projects and closure projects.

Kjell has been part of a factory management team responsible for the development and implementation of project portfolios, programs, and projects for continuous improvement in a pharmaceutical factory, where tools such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing have been key success factors.

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