Emma Öståker

+46 70 237 68 33


  • Emma contributes to positive changes for groups, individuals, and organizations through competence development and operational improvement.
  • The focus is on clarity, simplicity, and the utility of methods and tools.

Special interests

Emma enhances the project approach within organizations/client companies through consultation, guidance, and education in the field of project management, both through open courses and customized assignments for clients. Support and advice are provided to individual project managers as well as groups and organizations.


Emma is a social scientist (M.A. in Political Science) with extensive experience in project management, operational development, educational initiatives, and analytical work. She is accustomed to working with projects and assignments of varying sizes and complexities, both nationally and internationally. With a strong interest in processes of change, she has been involved in driving and participating in projects aimed at operational improvement, often through a combination of educational efforts and updated work methods. Emma’s experience primarily stems from public sector activities and international development cooperation. She is skilled at connecting strategic approaches with operational contexts and possesses a deep understanding of the significance of adaptability, commitment, and collaboration in the context of developmental efforts.

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