Catherine Walles-Hedin

Special interests

Catherine’s speciality is development projects, customer order projects, and issues regarding strategy and management on all levels. She also focuses on the different roles/collaboration in the temporary organisation and the interaction between the line organisation and the project organisation.


Catherine has a MBA and has many years of experience in marketing, strategy, and development issues. She is also experienced in management, in regards to both large groups and smaller consultant environments. By having broad experience from being a line manager, CEO, board member, project sponsor and project manager, Catherine is well acquainted with all roles in multi-project environments and in both large and small individual projects. She is IMPA certified and Certified Scrum & Agile Master.

As a consultant in Wenell, Catherine also has extensive experience from assignments in the public sector, non-profit organisations, and research intense operations.


Catherine develops project design for our clients/organisations by consulting, guidance, and training in the project area. Her usual assignments consist of customizing and implementing project models with application support and consulting for all roles and positions. The assignments are done in both the private and public sector.

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