Annika Strömsten

Special interests

  • Mediate methods in psychology to influence behaviour.
  • Practice and hone practical leadership.
  • Concrete tools to systematically motivate long-term results.


As a consultant for Wenell, Annika works on developing both project managers and leaders in programs that are created to produce effects in day to day work. She takes the lead together with the client to adapt content, taking into consideration the needs of the organisation.  All course modules feature coaching elements and a lot of practice in concrete communication tools.

In recent years, Annika has worked extensively to create behavioural change in project managers in the engineering industry, often with a global field of work. She also has many years of experience from assignments in other private and public sector, and in research intense operations.

At the start of an assignment, Annika helps clarify the desired results and the obstacles you need to overcome and then she customizes the contribution. Practicing concrete skills and developing through feedback is an important part of the work. The behavioural analysis provides you with keys to what motivates change. On-going measurements are carried out to ensure the correct effects. This is also an important part of her work.


Annika is a licensed psychologist and a licensed psychotherapist with a cognitive-behavioural therapeutic (CBT) approach. Clinically active, she has worked on behavioural change in areas such as persistent pain, cardiac/vascular diseases, anxiety disorders, and stress-related problems. She has also worked on developing a behaviour analytical approach in behavioural programs where she has educated and guided other professions.

Annika is also certified in OBM (Organizational Behavior Management).



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