Ann-Mari Öhman

+46 70 296 74 43


  • Highly dedicated to guiding individuals to reach their full potential as leaders
  • Delivers customized training in leadership and personal development
  • Provides education through open courses in leadership and communication
  • Facilitates workshops for groups undergoing change

Special interests

One of Ann-Mari’s key missions is to develop organizations by inspiring and engaging individuals to want to enhance their skills, abilities, and qualities in the desired direction. This involves working with clear models, relevant exercises, and real-life examples, as well as challenging established mindsets and nurturing values such as curiosity, courage, and creativity to modify deeply ingrained behavioral patterns. Ann-Mari is passionate about lifelong learning and agrees with the saying, “Organizations don’t change, it’s people who do.”


Ann-Mari is a social scientist and has a solid experience of of closely collaborating with stakeholders to design, deliver, and follow up on training programs that truly make a difference for the business. She is certified in Extended DiSC and in “Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Evaluation,” which is based on Robert Brinkerhoff’s High Performing Learning Journeys. With a background that includes roles such as an international product manager in the IT industry with a focus on business systems, as well as a project manager and development consultant in the banking and finance sector, she has come to understand different market cultures and needs, contributing to her genuine interest in creating value for clients. For several years, she has facilitated talent programs and leadership development programs within an extensive cultural change project, with an emphasis on value-based, authentic leadership. She continues this work in her own company, where she also coaches participants to become more clear, confident, and inspiring in their leadership.

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