Anders Cöster

Special interests

  • Project methodology in high risk and high uncertainty projects
  • Coaching of groups and individuals for more efficient and creative learning
  • Agile project management, Scrum, Lean Product Development (LPD)
  • Idea development, problem solving and strategic innovation
  • Quality control, constant improvement, Sex Sigma, etc.


Anders has many years of experience in project management, leadership, innovation, process and business development in various organisations ranging from self-employed entrepreneurs to large international groups. The main themes for his ventures have been product development, industrial research and innovation, but also development of groups, management and culture in organisations.

Anders has acted in roles as project manager, founder, CTO, Scrum master, quality manager, innovation manager, and deputy director.

Anders has broad and up-to-date technological knowledge in electronics, mechanics, IT and system development, energy and much more. He is also responsible for a couple of patent applications.


In Wenell, Anders works with training and coaching. He uses his deep understanding of Lean to make everything from the overarching strategy to our everyday grind work. What’s the correct level of a process? How can we create value for our customers in the most efficient way? How can we improve visualisation in complex environments that include many parallel projects? How do we connect our strategy to our portfolio management? How do you create a culture of innovation? How can we combine creativity and Lean? And similar issues.

Anders connects ”hard” concepts like structure and method with ”soft” concepts like management and behavioural issues, increased  job satisfaction and higher efficiency. He is a creative problem solver and is more than happy to challenge old ”truths” and approaches.

Anders is also an appreciated facilitator and presenter who can mediate complex knowledge in a way that is easy to understand.




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