Leading in Uncertain and Complex Projects reviewed in PMWorld Journal

uncertain and complex projects

The latest issue of  PMWorld Journal has a book review of Leading in Uncertain and Complex Projects by Lars Marmgren and Mats Ragnarsson (the latter of whom is Senior Consultant and Partner at Wenell).  Here’s a quote from this favorable review:

I really liked the chapter on uncertainty and how to deal with it. It all comes down to how complex the project is. In any project there are going to be uncertainties. Those uncertainties create risks to the project. Individuals will never know or remember everything there is about planning and organizing a project and when the project team collaborates and shares knowledge and information with each other as a whole instead of as individuals the group learns from each other and problems can be resolved.

You can find the book at Amazon, Studentlitteratur and at the Wenell webshop.

We also have a podcast with Lars Marmgren and Mats Ragnarsson where they talk about the book and why they wrote it.

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