[VIDEO] Are you devoting enough time, Mr. Project Sponsor?

project sponsor

In this video, senior consultant and partner Wenell, Mats Ragnarsson elaborates on the important insight that the project sponsor needs to allocate enough time towards the project upfront. Instead of having to spend even more to rectify problems due to poor communication at a later stage when they have grown from small issues to large problems.

Video transcript:

Perhaps an extreme opinion, but could you say that many project sponsors actually forget that it’s a job, and you have to have the time and you have to have the ability to perform that job as a project sponsor?

Yes, I do think so. They tend to take that a bit lightly. We could have a huge project with major sponsors not being able to devote enough time to it. I do think that if you are a sponsor you should be able to allocate time up front because otherwise you have to spend more later. And if it’s a complex project you have to devote a serious amount of time to be a sponsor.

So you could actually say that the responsibility is a double one because from the project managers view he or she has to take contact and say ‘I want to play by these rules‘ and on the other hand the project sponsor should also take the initiative and say ‘okay, we’re gonna play by these rules, and this is how we should cooperate.’

Yes, and I think a lot of project sponsors would benefit from sponsor training because they are usually quite bright people but they need time to think about it and get some basics about what are the key things to do and not. And maybe this ‘not’ is equally important.

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