On November 19, the Swedish Project Academy gave the Project Manager of the Year award to Joakim Åberg! The prize is usually awarded at the Projekt näring  (Project Nourishment) event in the autumn. Since this event was cancelled due to Covid-19, the prize was awarded at a separate webinar on November 19.

About the project “New Vegas Slots”, Svenska Spel AB

The project involved procurement, implementation and replacement of hardware (slot machines and control units) and central software to replace Svenska spel’s existing Vegas machines. The new video lottery ticket machines would also support the company’s designated strategic direction, which meant developing existing business and channelling players from illegal activities, thereby having a more sound gaming for the players. Decommissioning and disposal of the existing machines was also included in the project.


With enduring and reflective leadership, Joakim has succeeded in implementing a complex and extensive development and delivery project in an exemplary manner. He has managed to maintain a healthy work environment in the project group throughout the project implementation and continuously focused on developing his own leadership. After the end of the project, Svenska Spel have been able to demonstrate measurable effects that show that the introduction of the new Vegas machines has led to a sounder gaming situation and increased gaming safety.


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