Volvo Car Corporation

For senior leaders in development functions, regardless of operational area or role, with a focus on how program management can be used in a flexible manner and in a way that suits the individual needs.


Volvo Cars realized that they have many leaders who work with development without a formal managerial role, but who handle large operations that affect the company’s future. These leaders could not relate to standard project management training as they actually are more leading programs consisting of several projects, or work at solution or program level in the SAFE Scaled Agile Framework. This means that they lead leaders in development functions.


The program management training was developed in 2016 and has been refined annually. In 2019, the program has undergone a major rework to harmonize with other courses at the Global Volvo Car Academy. The courses takes place 2-3 times a year.



Our effort

A Program Management program totaling 6 days for participants and divided into; preparatory work; 3 training days; a work period to turn the lessons into practice, and a concluding meeting to reflect on how it’s gone. We work with peer to peer learning where participants support each other in their real work situations both during the training and the work period. The focus of the training is to coordinate and integrate work, results and effects. The experience after 7 programs is that the participants feel much more confident in their role after the training and better able to cope with the difficult situations they often face.

To achieve desired results in uncertain and complex situations, with many stakeholders involved, many changes and many leaders to coordinate, is a challenge.

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