Volvo Group

A global venture to develop the leadership and communication skills for the company’s project managers using an exciting new learning technique focused on long-term behavioural change.


Volvo invests in developing their project managers’ skills in leadership and communication. In 2015, they chose Wenell as their partner and global supplier for the programs offered to their project managers at level 2 and 3 in their internal skills development ladder.

Time frame

The collaboration started in 2015. Ongoing we deliver courses in Sweden. France, Belgium, Poland, India, China, Japan, USA, Brazil and Australia.

Our contribution

The courses are developed by Wenell in collaboration with Volvo Group University (VGU) in order to equip them with the tools they need to manage all the challenges they face.

The course programmes mostly feature practice in concrete communication tools. The time before, during, and after the course modules is used to read material and practice in everyday situations. This is done to increase the chances for lasting behavioural changes.

Digital tools and collegiate networks are also included in the programme as a support for learning.


More information

If you want to know more about our collaboration with Volvo Group please contact our consultant Annika Strömsten.

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