Decision making in Project Management – Thinking fast and slow

It’s been great to have some summer holiday. Time to think. Not that I don’t think when I’m working, but during the holidays it’s a different kind of thinking. And as I read the newspapers and surf the web I’ve seen a lot of references recently to articles about different ways of thinking, ‘how we think’ and ‘how we make decisions’.

Something that interests me both as a professional and as a private person. One of the most interesting books on the subject currently would appear to be Daniel Kahneman’s ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’. It’s now on my book-list for next time I have a long trip out to China. Reading the review of ‘Fast and Slow’ in the Guardian led me to Check it out too…

And for those of you who would like something in Swedish and more directly associated to the project environment, then Projektnäring’s meeting in Stockholm 22nd November will feature Kristoffer Ahlström Vij and his work on ‘gut-feeling’.  I think I’ve decided to go!

Maybe see you there too?

Dela denna sida